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Open the doors to a healthy lifestyle by getting an allergy test done at Family Care Walk-In Clinic. Located in Jackson, TN, we perform comprehensive allergy testing to help you identify your allergies. We also perform testing for allergens that are most common to West Tennessee area. Our locally owned and operated clinic offers allergy testing for the entire family. So, don't wait. Get in touch with our representatives today and we can schedule an appointment today.

  • Animal allergies

  • Environmental allergies

  • Milk and dairy allergies

  • Allergies from grass, dander, and weeds

  • Dust and insects

  • Hay fever testing

Our family care clinic has been operational since 2002. Give us a call at 731-660-6915

Our testing and treatments can consist of allergy injections administered 1 - 2 times per week in the clinic. It can also be in the form of allergy drops. We can also prescribe over the counter allergy medication, prescription allergy medication, and nasal sprays.

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Allergy Testing Includes

Efficient Allergy Treatments

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